Irenaean Soteriology

11 03 2007

Just as in the invisible world the Logos is already the head of all being created through him, so now in the incarnation he becomes head of the visible and corporeal world, and above all the head of the church, so drawing everything to himself. This represents at the same time a recapitulation of creation and above all, of fallen Adam, i.e. a renewing and saving permeation of the whole history of the world and of mankind by ‘Christ the Head’, from its beginning to its end. In this way, the world, history, man are all brought to their climax, but at the same time, they are all brought back by Christ to their principle, to God. The whole of God’s previous work through the Logos in the world and to men is concentrated in the incarnation of Christ; it reaches its fullness and now in Christ fills the whole of the world and the whole of history.

A. Grillmeier, Christ in Christian Tradition, vol. 1, 2nd ed., trans. J. Bowden, Atlanta, John Knox Press, 1975, p.  102.




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